Volunteer Opportunities

Have an old Iphone or Ipad? Horizon is looking for gently used 1-4 generation old Iphones or Ipads! 

Donate it to Horizon today! It will create a MASSIVE DIFFERENCE for our African staff!  

Why?  Our staff and field volunteers have very dated equipment. An Iphone 5 or 6 would be a HUGE upgrade.  (Some Android phones will work in Africa and others will not). We have 2,700 children that Horizon sponsors.  Our field staff travel to meet with these kids each month to see how they are, drop off food, take pictures, and get updates for sponsors.  It is not easy work, especially when kids live in remote areas. Newer phones help to decrease the time it takes to send this information back to the United States and increase the quality of information received.
 Do You Have an OldIn only one year there have been incredible advances in cell phone coverage in Africa.  They can now take pictures, video, and information and send it to our Horizon office in Indiana in real time from a remote village in places like Uganda. Our staff has old cameras or their cheap cell phone with fuzzy picture quality. They often bring back the camera to connect to an old computer, try to upload the pictures, and then email it to our office.
Our African staff doesn't have the financial ability to purchase new equipment. Funding is often designated in more practical ways to help the children, rather than upgrading equipment.
Here's How:
1. Find your older Iphone or Ipad.  (You can clean it or Tim Brault at our Horizon office can do it for you with your permission).
2. Drop it off at the Horizon Pendleton Office OR send it to:
Horizon International
350 JH Walker Dr
Pendelton, IN  46064
3. We can give you a "gift in kind" tax reciept.


Volunteers in America are an important and essential part of Horizon's ministry. Depending on your geographic location, there are a number of ways you can help.

  • Be a Child Advocate.Want to Volunteer 2
  • Be a Church Representative.
  • Greet visitors at our reception desk for a few hours every week.
  • Volunteer when Horizon has an event in your area.
  • Help to publicize when a Choir from Africa will be in your area.

For those people who live in central Indiana, there are several volunteer opportunities at our office in Pendleton.

  • 3rd Thursday of every month is our scheduled day to fold and stuff the monthly letters.
  • Cleaning of the office, once or twice a month.
  • Transfer information on children into the computer. Timing and need for this varies.
  • Re-name pictures of children. Timing and need for this varies.

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, give us a call toll-free (866) 778-7020, or send us an email detailing your contact information and what volunteer opportunity you are interested in: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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