GO Teams

Our mission is to "create a world of hope" for children adversely affected by the ravages of HIV/AIDS. We are committed to helping those with resources become aware of and engaged in the battle for the lives of the millions of children in Africa who have been marginalized and who suffer due to the pandemic of HIV/AIDS.



One of the vital aspects of educating people about their opportunities to help are our Global Outreach (GO) Teams. It is important for people to have contact with the marginalized children of Africa. GO Teams give people a "three dimensional" view of what is happening in our world.

GO Teams provide an up close view of the lives of suffering children and an opportunity to meet and sponsor a child or have contact with a child a team member may presently sponsor.

Global Outreach (GO) Teams have become a critical component of most cross-cultural, serving organizations. As such, they must be carried out with cultural sensitivity, diligent preparation, and an attitude of serving and learning. This information is presented for the purpose of guiding potential GO Team leaders and candidates through the process of planning, mobilizing, facilitating and debriefing a GO Team that is synchronized with the vision and goals of Horizon International. Horizon provides staff members who are trained to use this guide for that purpose.


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