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One of the most valuable gifts you can give is the one that goes where the need is currently the greatest. Undesignated funds help us make sure that no child or ministry gets left behind.

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Make a Child Sponsorship Payment

Use this form to make a child sponsorship payment


Use this form to pay for child package shipping ($10 per package)

Give to a GO Team or Other Project

If you would like to donate to a GO Team member or a project not listed above, you can designate your funds here. For example, "John Smith 17019" would designate the funds to John Smith with the trip number being 17019. View our complete list of GO Team dates for find the latest trip numbers and fact sheets.

This contribution is made with the understanding that Horizon has complete control over the use of these donated funds in compliance with Internal Revenue Service requirements.

Donate to a Partner

Click here to give Partner Support: Brault, Clark, Ehrgott, Hubble, or Kurtz

Donate to a Specific Project

Browse our Gift Catalog to find a specific project to support. Giving good gifts to those He loves is His nature. He wants to know, though, if we will trust Him with our lives and everything we own. That is the point when He begins to bless others through us.


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