News -Help Needed for Flood Victims in Zimbabwe

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Dear Friends,

Seldom do you receive a letter from Horizon because of an EMERGENCY.  This is an exception.

The Bulawayo/Matabeleland region of Zimbabwe, where Horizon sponsors 180 orphans through the ministry of ALICK and VIDAH PHIRI, has received persistent and heavy rain storms since just after Christmas.

A few days ago, a cyclone named Dieno swept through the area from the Indian Ocean.

The storm caused massive destruction to properties, roads, and bridges.

Particularly hard hit was Tsholotsho District approximately sixty kilometers west of Bulawayo, the second largest city in Zimbabwe.

The Phiris and their team of volunteers facilitate the ministries of two Children’s Clubs through two Baptist congregations—the Sawudweni and Pakamani Baptist Churches.

Pastor John Moyo of Sawudweni and Pastor Kizito Ndlodu of Pakamani report that many of the 65 sponsored kids and their caregivers are fortunate to be alive as flash floods swept through these low lying areas. inspect home after flood

Many were marooned on tall ant hills and other high vantage points until they were rescued by Zimbabwean Air Force helicopters which the government dispatched to the area.

While none of our sponsored children were injured and all are now safe, one caregiver, an aging grandmother, drowned because she wasn’t rescued in time.

Our children and their caregivers lost their homes, blankets, clothes, crops, livestock, school uniforms and books, mosquito nets, and medication—basically, everything they own.

Horizon’s chicken farm in Tsholotsho was destroyed and all the chickens were lost to the ravaging waters.

Our sponsored kids lost their personal flocks of chickens and herds of goats which have been built over the years from contributions given through our Gift Catalog.

The Sawudweni Baptist Church lost its roof and the Pakamani Church was flooded by several feet of water.  Several school buildings where our orphans attend also collapsed.

after flood   Our Tshlotsho kids and their caregivers are now HOMELESS.  They need food, drinking  water, clothing, blankets, shelter, medication,  and  mosquito nets.  Later, they will need  school uniforms, books, and school supplies. 

  Eventually, we need to rebuild the Tsholotsho chicken farm and restock orphan flocks and  herds so that our kids will have sustainable  food sources.

  Our affected kids and their caregivers are currently staying on the grounds of the Tsholotsho  District Hospital.

  The Zimbabwean government is currently facing a currency crisis and is unable to help with humanitarian aid. 

  March 1, we wired $2,500 to help with food and water.

  Our Children’s Reserve Fund, however, is in dire need of being replenished due to financing another humanitarian disaster earlier this year in Kasese District, Uganda.

We will soon need additional funding beyond the initial survival dollars that have been sent to help rebuild the lives of these orphans and their caregivers.

Will you pray right now and ask God how you can respond to this opportunity?

Your love gift to the Children’s Reserve Fund of $10, $25, $50, $100, or whatever the Lord lays on your heart to give, will help Horizon and the Phiris to be the hands and feet of Jesus in this crisis.

Grateful for God, the Phiris, our Tsholotsho children, and you,

 Bob only in blue ink mini sginature 

Bob Pearson

Founder and President

Horizon International




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