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Dear Friends,

One of the most challenging tasks in orphan care ministry is finding the funding needed for African partner salaries.

This is particularly true for our team on the ground in the country of Zambia. 

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Horizon Zambia has a GREAT team.  

Let me introduce them to you.

The leaders of the team are Moses and Cecelia Sakala.

Moses and Cecelia are passionate about what they do.  They and their team are responsible for “creating a world of hope” through approximately 400 orphaned Zambian kids.

While the Sakalas coordinate the ministries of the entire team, they personally direct two Children’s Clubs through churches in Garden and Kalingalinga Compounds in the capital city of Lusaka.

Derrick and Mercy Banda are the Project Managers in Chongwe District, approximately 35 miles southeast of Lusaka.  They and their team of volunteers care for approximately 200 orphans through Children’s Clubs in ten Chongwe churches.

Joshua and Jessie Sachipita direct the orphan care ministries for 100 kids in Lusaka’s Chaisa and Chazanga Compounds.

Rounding out the team is Oscar Ndao, Jr.  Oscar leads three Children’s Clubs through congregations in Lusaka’s Chainda, Kalikiliki, and John Laing Compounds.

Together, this team is doing an AWESOME job.

Through their faithfulness, these 400 sponsored kids are being fed, clothed, and educated.

Tremendous breakthroughs are occurring as a result of their efforts.

BaptismFor instance, last August, 58 sponsored kids were baptized in a Horizon Bible Camp as they publically stated that they are followers of Jesus Christ.

Another incredible first is the awarding of full-ride Horizon scholarships to two graduates of Horizon Zambia’s orphan sponsorship ministry.

Ruth Banda and Annastasia Sekeleti are completing their first year of studies at APEX Medical University in Lusaka.laptop girls

In order to continue the AMAZING ministry of Horizon Zambia, however, we must find new and sustainable funding sources for each of our Zambian partners.

The first thing we need to do is raise $15,000 to wipe out the indebtedness that currently exists in our Zambian partner salary accounts.

Your gift of $10, $25, $50, $100 or more can help us to do just this. 

We also need others to join the dedicated team of donors who faithfully help to underwrite Zambian partner salaries with their monthly gifts.

Would you prayerfully consider making a monthly donation to support the salary of the Sakalas, the Bandas, the Sachipitas, or Oscar Ndao?

If you feel led to do this, please write the name and monthly amount on the enclosed Response Form and return it in the Orange Envelope.

Grateful for all that you do,

 Bob only in blue ink mini sginature 

Bob Pearson

Founder and President

Horizon International

P.S. Thank you for your wonderful response to last month’s Emergency Appeal for Tsholotsho District, Zambia.  Within a week of the mailing, we received almost $17,000 with more coming in daily.



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