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Dear Friends,

It has been said that “the secret to success in life is to be ready for opportunity when it comes.”1

Significant opportunities are knocking on Horizon’s door as we develop our Strategic Plan for the next five years, and begin to implement Horizon Version 5.0—5,000 sponsored kids in the next 2 to 4 years.

Part of this growth will take place in the country of Zambia where Horizon Zambia has a great leadership team on the ground, an incredible network of pastors and churches through which they work, and a stellar track record of caring for orphans.

Horizon currently sponsors 400 kids in Zambia.  58 of these were baptized last August at Horizon Zambia’s Adventure Camp. The number of sponsored Zambian kids will soon mushroom to 1,000 and beyond.

To prepare for this dramatic growth, we need to furnish the new Staff Residence on the grounds of the National Orphan Ministry Center in Chongwe District, Zambia.

Several years ago, we raised $18,000 to enable Horizon Zambia to purchase 50 acres of land on hills overlooking a river in Chongwe District.

Our dream is to turn this property into an orphan resource center—a place where kids can live who have nowhere to go, where orphans can learn job skills, where food can be grown and raised to enrich food parcels, where kids can come for Summer Camp.

The land has been fenced; a caretaker’s cottage has been erected; and a Staff Residence has been built.

Now, we need YOUR help to furnish the Staff Residence.

Joining the dynamic Horizon Zambia team is a couple named Callen and Lucy Silwamba.  The Silwambas and their three children will soon move into the Staff Residence to assume their responsibilities of managing the Orphan Ministry Center.

To date, we have received funding to purchase for the kitchen a gas stove, deep freezer, refrigerator, microwave oven, and some large pots.

Following is a list of what is yet needed:

                        Item                                                    Number                      Cost Per Item

                        Double Bed                                          1                                $490

                        Double Mattress                                   1                                $250

                        Single Bed                                           6                                $245

                        Single Mattress                                    6                                $120

                        Bedsheets                                          12                               $30

                        Blankets                                            12                                $60

                        Duvets (Bedspreads)                          12                                $100

                        Chest of Drawers                                 4                                $180

                        Dressing Table/Mirror                           4                                $180

                        Sofa Set                                             1                                 $1,455

                        Dining Room Set (10-Seater)               1                                 $975

                        Kitchen Unit                                       1                                  $1,095

                        Plates                                                36                                $20

                        Cups                                                 36                                $6

                        Cutlery Set                                        3                                  $110

                        Pans                                                 4                                  $30

                        Chef Dishes                                       4                                 $85



The total that we need is $11,845 (USD) to fully furnish the Staff Residence.

The Residence will not only house the Silwambas, but will serve as a meeting location for Horizon Zambia leaders and a place to entertain visiting Horizon GO Teams from the United States.

Perhaps you and your family could fund a particular item with your tax refund.

Maybe your church’s women’s group could do a fundraiser to finance a specific need.

Whatever you feel led by God to donate will help us to get ready for the opportunities that are on the way.

Grateful for you,

 Bob only in blue ink mini sginature 

Bob Pearson

Founder and President

Horizon International

1Benjamin Disraeli, former United Kingdom Prime Minister.



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