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Dear Friends,

Do you have a favorite sweater?

One you aren’t willing to retire, even though some of its color has faded? 

Even though its seams now sag, stretched way beyond its original form from days too numerous to mention being pulled on and off your body? 

Even though your loved ones have hinted, strongly suggested, and threatened to buy you a replacement as you walk with it proudly displayed through the men’s department at Macy’s or JC Penney’s?

Mine is a dark blue Cambridge Classic that I’ve had since the mid-1980s.  Sure, it hangs, sags, looks frumpy, and probably wouldn’t be accepted by the good people at my local Goodwill Drop-off Center!

That sweater and I, however, have shared lots of epic history.

I’ll never forget the time a golfer approached me on the 7th hole of the Long Beach Recreational Golf Course in Long Beach, California.

Excuse me,” he said with a sense of awe in his voice.   “Did you play in the Masters Tournament?

For a moment, frozen in time, I was transported to my own version of Fantasy Island.  After all, I’ve been known to hit a golf ball occasionally….

Okay, so I’ve broken Clubhouse windows and had to yell “Fore” to the golfers on neighboring fairways just enough to establish a local reputation. 

By now, you might be wondering why anyone on the planet could possibly associate me with the PGA’s prestigious national Masters Tournament?

It’s the sweater.

The signature insignia on the front says it all: Classic Golf Masters Tournament: North Devon Championship!

You and I can make a similar impact statement in the life of an African orphan by purchasing a brand new sweater for a kid who doesn’t have one.

For $9.20, you can bring warmth to a child on those cold wintry days when the wind makes it feel more chilly than the actual reading on an outdoor thermometer.

Imagine the positive impression you can make in the life of a child every time he or she puts on the sweater that you have made possible!

The warm feelings generated by an awareness that someone in the world cares.  The sense of belonging that lets them know that they matter, that they are somebody, that they are loved.

This is the kind of signature impact that I want to create in this world!  How about you?

One sweater will cost $9.20.  Most of us can afford this.

Three sweaters will run $27.60.  $46 will purchase 5.  $92 will secure 10.

If you really want to make a Masters Tournament Championship statement, a $460 donation will buy 50 sweaters!

Every sweater Horizon is able to purchase will create a legacy of love in some rural village or urban township that few in America will ever visit.

Join me, won’t you?  One of these sweaters may actually be worn by a future president of an African nation.  Or, an African Billy Graham!

Yours, for making epic history,

 Bob only in blue ink mini sginature 

Bob Pearson

Founder and President

Horizon International

P.S. Join us at Horizon’s annual Golf Scramble in Indianapolis this coming May 15.  You may just see my Masters Tournament sweater.  After all, I need all the help I can get!



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