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Dear Friends,

Thank you for all that you are doing to help us provide effective care for over 2,500 sponsored children and youth on the African continent who have lost their parents, primarily because of the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

We are so grateful.

While we are focusing our efforts on the development of a strategic plan to move us toward the sponsorship of 5,000 kids, we don’t want to lose sight of the immediate needs of a group of kids who have lost their sponsors.

Enclosed is a sheet highlighting 32 of these kids.

Each of them has a unique and compelling story deserving of the help that someone like you can provide them through sponsorship.

One of them is a young 7-year-old girl named Bongisiwe.

Bongisiwe’s mom brought her to Cecelia Elrick, our Project Manager in Langa Township, Western Cape Province, South Africa on January 17, 2011.  At the time Bongisiwe’s mom was very ill because of AIDS.

No child should have to go through the loss of a mother!

Bongisiwe then went to live with her grandmother in Langa.  She was sponsored soon after.  It was through the sponsorship that the aging grandma was able to provide care for her grandchild.

Now Bongisiwe is no longer sponsored, and her grandmother is struggling to care for her.

Another older youth represents one of the most vulnerable groups of orphans in Africa!

Collen was born in Sekgopo Village, Limpopo Province, South Africa on May 16, 1996.  He is 20 years of age. 

This young man never had a chance to get to know his mother.  She passed away when he was only two years of age.  He and his three older brothers were then taken care of by their dad until his death on May 24, 2008.  Collen was 12 at the time.

Now Collen lives with older siblings, and is in Grade 9 at Mameriri High School.  His favorite subject is Sepedi, the local tribal language, and he loves to play soccer.

Why is he so vulnerable?

Collen has three years left before he completes high school.  He will only be able to stay in school if someone sponsors him.  Unlike the United States, a student has to pay tuition to go to school in Africa. 

If Collen has to drop out, his prospects for employment are very slim.  A high school education will increase his chances significantly.

Violet is another girl who needs help.  She is 13 and lives with her sister Docus in Chiyota Village, Chongwe District, Zambia.

This precious girl lost her grandmother and her sponsor within several months of each other.  Derrick Banda, our Project Manager in Chongwe, writes, “Since these losses, she has been mostly sad, and in a way that is affecting her social life especially with school performance.”

No child should have to experience the triple loss of her parents, grandmother, and American sponsor!

Every child on the enclosed sheet has a similar story—their story!

Perhaps God has given you the capacity to help one or more of these kids.  For $40 per month, you can provide them with food, clothing, and keep them in school.

Would you consider sponsoring one of these kids as part of your gift to God?

Give us a call toll-free at 1.866.778.7020 or 1.765.778.1016.  Or, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we would be thrilled to make this happen.

Grateful for God, our African kids, and you,

 Bob only in blue ink mini sginature 

Bob Pearson

Founder and President

Horizon International



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